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Torcbrain Cordless Valve Actuator
EIT Professional Tools are the distributor for the German made range of Torcbrain Cordless Valve Actuators and Accessories and importer of the Quality range of EIT Cordless Torque Wrenches.

For over 30 years we focus on innovative solutions, offering top-quality tools for years of trouble-free operation and the lowest cost of ownership.

The Torcbrain range of Cordless Gate Valve and Sluice valve tools were introduced to Australia and New Zealand over 10 years ago and have since been successfully used by various customers such as Councils in Waste Water and Network Operations, Desalination Plants, Power Stations, Refineries and many other industrial operations.

With over 30 years experience in torque tool applications you can rest assured that we can provide you with the right advice and support in regards to all precision high torque bolting applications.

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