06 Oct

Longer Telescopic Drive Adaptors

Ever needed longer Extensions for these difficult to reach areas?In addition to our existing Telescopic drive extensions with an adjustable length of 800-1400mm, we can now offer two additional extensions:

  • NEW VarioTele120: adjustable length of 1200-1900mm
  • NEW VarioTele140: adjustable length of 1400-2600mm

Available for both the EIT-TB300 and EIT-TB900 models. 


Mains Power Adaptor 240V

Suffering from battery anxiety? Need endless power?Simply swap the battery of your tool with this mains power adaptor and plug it into any mains 240V power socket or your power transformer, running of your truck
  • NEW Powerunit240 Converter
Suits all types of Cordless Torcbrain Valve Actuators. 


System Adaptors

Do you have both types of tool in your workshop, covering 300Nm and up to 900Nm in torque? And tried to fit the adaptor of one tool to the other? Then you noticed that the system fittings and adaptors are of a different size and are not interchangeable.  To overcome this, we now designed this handy converter:

  • NEW RZ300-900: for 300Nm tools, to take accessories of the 900Nm tool - EIT-TB900SD
  • NEW RZ900-300: for 900Nm tools, to take accessories of the 300Nm tool - EIT-TB300SD

 And handy addition to your workshop! 


Square Drive Adaptors

Already have existing sockets you would like to use in conjunction with the system accessories?We new created a system adaptor which fits directly into the existing system quick change fitting on the tool or drive extension.

  • NEW SYS-34M with 3/4" square drive output

Available for both the EIT-TB300 and EIT-TB900 models. 


New Conical Adaptors

Ever needed a bigger Adaptor for larger valve stems?Until now we offered two types of adaptors, with sizes of 14-20mm and the most popular, 27-32mm.

 Upon your request, we have manufactured these additional adaptors:

  • NEW KOS32/36: to suit valve stems from 32-36mm
  • NEW KOS48/54: to suit valve stems from 48-54mm

Available for both the EIT-TB300 and EIT-TB900 models. 

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