EIT Torcbrain cordless portable valve actuators are battery operated and an efficient and cost effective alternative to dedicated valve actuators. Wherever there are manually operated valves requiring high operating torques, hundreds of handwheel turns to open or close or just difficult to operate valves or Penstock-, Sluice- Slide- or Stop Gates, we can offer a solution. 

The battery operated Torcbrain cordless valve actuators can be used where valve size, pressure rating or work environmental conditions would normally demand a permanent dedicated actuator or employing a work crew.

  • Low cost alternative to permanent dedicated actuators
  • No requirement for a permanent power supply
  • Ideal for minimum facilities installations
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Wide band of torque capability with variable torque adjustment
  • Ideal for moving tight or partially seized valves
  • Adaptable to most sizes and types of valves
  • Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces risks of injury
  • Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation
  • Fully portable - ideal for site work 

Increased mobility:

  • Low weight due to the use of Li-Ion batteries and the elimination of electric cables or air supply hoses
  • Drive unit can be swivelled, ideal for hard to reach valves
  • Comfortable operation, excellent ergonomics and low weight

Higher productivity:

  • Flexible and mobile due to cordless drive system
  • Lightweight, fast, accurate and reliable
  • Max. valve protection with adjustable torque control (4 speed gearbox with 44 torque settings) and up to 950 Nm 
  • Safe operation, auto shut-off once selected torque is reached
  • Fingertip controls on, off, forward - reverse
  • Easy one man setup and operation - no operating tools required
  • Tool design allows for good operator-feedback on the valve, allowing repetitive back and forth motion required for proper valve cleaning
  • Maintenance free, brushless EC-motor
  • Made in Germany
TypeTorque Nm maxTorque settingsSpeed max rpmLength mmGearbox dia. mmHeight mmWeight kg
TB300SDT10 - 40044140365582504.0
TB900SDT10 - 9504452400682505.7

Tools are supplied complete in sturdy carry box, complete with two batteries and charger.

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