Cordless Battery Torque Wrenches 36V

EIT Cordless 36V Battery Torque Wrenches are setting the new standard in cordless torque wrenches. Featuring a compact design, lightweight, fast, easy and safe to operate, powered by a top quality brushless motor and a precison high quality planetary gearbox.

Intelligent power compensation system ensures that output torque remains consistent throughout the charge level of the battery - the correct torque is applied even when the battery power is low - no more faulty bolt connections.

Real-time display of the torque and or torque angle during the bolting process. Automatic shut-off system once the selected torque has been achieved. Integrated LCD screen with easy to use interface allows for a very specific set up of the tool.

Bolting options are Torque only or torque and torque/angle which provides the highest quality of bolt connections. The automatic shut-off system will turn off the tool once the set parameters have been reached, and automatically release the load on the bolt for a safe and easy removal of the tool.

Very accurate with less than 2% tolerance and high repeatabilty. SmartApp allows for wireless transfer of data collected during the bolting process and storage of millions of applications.

Free connection of motor housing and gearbox, allows for safe operation - the handle can be rotated freely by 360 degrees. Advanced planetary gear design technology using high strength allow steel makes the tools lighter, durable and faster.

Industrial quality for continous work - on one 36V 4.0Ah battery charge up to 400 bolts can be fastened. 

Wherever there are jobs requiring fastening bolt or removing bolts we have the right tool - covering from 100 Nm up to 8,000 Nm in a compact, light weight tool.

Complete with sturdy transport box, with charger and two batteries.

  • No requirement for a permanent power supply
  • Ideal for minimum facilities installations
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Wide band of torque capability with variable torque adjustment
  • Ideal for moving tight or partially seized bolts
  • Adaptable to most sizes and types of bolts
  • Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces risks of injury
  • Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation
  • Fully portable - ideal for site work 

Increased mobility:

  • Low weight due to the use of Li-Ion batteries and the elimination of electric cables or air supply hoses
  • Drive unit can be swivelled, ideal for hard to reach bolts
  • Comfortable operation, excellent ergonomics and low weight

Higher productivity:

  • Flexible and mobile due to cordless drive system
  • Lightweight, fast, accurate and reliable
  • Safe operation, auto shut-off once selected torque or torque angle or the max torque is reached
  • Integrated fully automatic release function allows a safe and easy repositioning of the tool to the next bolt
  • Fully automatic 2-speed gearbox is available to allow for a fast run-down of longer bolts
  • Fingertip controls on, off, forward - reverse
  • Easy one man setup and operation - no operating tools required
  • Tool design allows for good operator-feedback on the bolt
  • Maintenance free, brushless EC-motor
  • Precision gearbox
  • Optional angle and offset drives available upon request
TypeTorque NmSquare DriveSpeed max rpmLength mmGearbox dia. mmHeight mmWeight kg
EBTW-05 36V100 - 5003/4"26270602404.3
EBTW-10 36V130 - 10003/4"18277742404.8
EBTW-15 36V180 - 1500
EBTW-20 36V300 - 2500
EBTWF-20 36V300 - 25001"32350782987.2
EBTW-30 36V480 - 31001"3.5340882987.5
EBTWF-30 36V480 - 31001"23350882988.5
EBTW-40 36V650 - 40001"3.5350952989.5
EBTW-50 36V850 - 50001 1/2"2.535510329810.0
EBTW-60 36V1100 - 60001 1/2"1.8400110298
EBTW-80 36V1900 - 80001 1/2"1.541511529814.0

* technical data and specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Tools are supplied complete in sturdy carry box, complete with two 4.0Ah batteries and charger, detailed operating manuals and a torque calibration certificate

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