In addition to the standard battery packs you have the option to use the tool via a 12V power adapter of your car. This makes the tools ideal for all off-site and field applications. It also features a USB port to allow charging of mobile phones etc.

In addition we also offer a new adaptor which allows the tool to be operated running on a standard 240V power supply cable. This provides additional flexibilty and versatilty to the tool system and is ideal for long operating periods where traditional power supply via batteries is not sufficient.

Power Converter 12V. Reliable operation of the cordless unit. Fits directly into 12V power supply of your car

(unit is provided with AU/NZ plug to meet local standards)

Power adaptor to suit torcbrain cordless valve actuators. To be inserted in the position of the standard battery. The unit can then be plugged in to a standadr 240V single phase power socket and operated continously. Ideal for very applications where long tool operating is required. Provided additional versatility to the torcbrain system.