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Portable cordless valve actuators Torcbrain

Torqbrain Cordless Portable Valve Actuators

EIT torcbrain portable cordless valve actuators are an efficient and cost effective alternative to a dedicated valve actuator. Wherever there are manually operated valves that have high operating torques, hundreds of handwheel turns to open/close or are just difficult to operate then here is your solution.

torcbrainEIT torcbrain cordless valve actuators can be used where valve size, pressure rating or work environmental conditions would normally demand a permanent dedicated actuator or would require a work crew.

•Low cost alternative to permanent dedicated actuators
•No requirement for a permanent power supply
•Ideal for minimum facilities installations
•Suitable for all climatic conditions
•Wide band torque capability with variable torque adjustment
•Ideal for moving tight or partially-seized valves
•Adaptable to most sizes/types of valve
•Eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury
•Reduces work crew tasks to one-man operation
•Fully portable

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Cordless torque wrenches Torcbrain

Torqbrain Cordless Torque Wrenches

torcbrain cordless high torque wrenches feature an integrated shutoff mechanism and are designed for industrial applications. Featuring highest accuracy, long service life and flexibility in bolting application where air hoses or power cords are intrusive or not available. Designed to provide the user with a lightweight, fast and totally reliable torque wrench.

The low tool weights of only 2.2 to 4.1 kg (incl battery pack) makes these tools the lightest in their class, contributing to increased operator safety and comfort. The excellent torque shut-off accuracy is less then 3%, due to planetary gearbox with integrated needle bearings and a unique high precision coupling system.

A unique control system prevents the tool from operation should the battery level be to low to complete the bolting procedure - In addtion the smart electronic system includes a visual and acoustic signal should the bolting process be completed at insufficient torque levels. No more bolting errors!

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Digital torque testing and documenting system

Digital torque wrenches EIT

For testing impact wrenches, shut-off type tools, impulse tools and hand torque wrenches. Now you can measure the tool output
faster, easier and more accurately than ever. The advanced electronics of the EIT Digital Torque Testers produce direct digital
torque readings in various torque units such as Nm, ft-lb, kg-m, kg-cm etc. Measurements are consistent, repeatable and require
less time than traditional testing devices, yet with less margin for operator error.

User benefits include time savings, dependability and increased product quality. Regular tool checks with EIT Digital Torque
Testers enable you to identify whether job assembly problems are due to tools or factors such as material variability. The system
also provides a standard and consistent control factor for tool service and repair, which can be maintained across multiple work
stations or assembly points.

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