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Manual Torque Multipliers - Hand Torque Multipliers EIT - Alkitronic

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EIT Manual Torque Multipliers EIT

  • The gearboxes of the range of EIT hand torque multipliers are built to an extremely high standard of precision. All gears rotate on needle roller bearings about hardened and ground journal pins. As a result a torque multiplication accuracy of +4%, throughout the operating range is achieved.
  • EIT Torque Multipliers are compact, Alloy steel, epicyclic gear units which have a velocity ratio of 5:20:1 and an actual power multiplication of 5:1 per stage of gearing. Torque output calculations are therefore easy to calculate by simply multipling the input torque by the gear ratio eg torque multiplication factor.
  • The comprehensive range of EIT hand torque multipliers consists of a range of Compact design models available up to 47’500 Nm or 35’000 ft-lb and the Traditional design range available up to 10’000 Nm or 7’350 ft-lb.

H / HG Hand Torque Multipliers alkitronic

  • Precise tightening and loosening of heavy-duty bolted connections
  • Low energy input upon high torque transfer.
  • Enviroment-friendly and independent of energy
  • High performance planetary gearing for highest demands
  • Maintenance-free

Product range overview

EIT compact hand torque multiplier EIT Manual Torque Multiplier Digital Torque wrenches Manual torque wrenches
EIT-2 - EIT13/125

Hand Torque Compact series

Precise, compact, anti wind up mechanism in models with 25:1 gear reduction
- cost effective

Traditional series
Accurate, sturdy, traditional design, models with up to
10'000 Nm or 7’350 ft-lb.

EIT digital torque wrenches perfect to drive hand torque multipliers - easy to set, monitor and operate. Consistent and accurate torque outputs can now be achieved with a high torque epeatability.
Alkitronic H / HG

Made in Germany

Top quality manual torque multipliers with build in ratchet

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