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Angle Nutrunner
EIT Air Angle Wrenches / Pneumatic Nutrunners NON-LUBE - oilfree operation
  • Accurate tightening of bolts from M2 - M7
  • Ideal for applications in confined areas
  • Ergonomic design for optimum, fatigue-free operation
  • Angle head can be rotated by 360° to allow optimum
    access to all areas
  • Precision shut-off clutch
  • Tested according to ISP 5393, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy, durability and repeatability
  • Oil-free NON-LUBE lubrication free motor
  • Industrial top quality design for long service life
  • The standard and high capacity lines of our air angle wrenches incorporates different model series, which vary according to type of clutch, reverse mechanism, and torque capacity.

EIT Air Angle Wrenches / Pneumatic Nutrunners NON-LUBE - oilfree operation
Picture Type Torque range Nm Free speed
Side to centre
dist. mm

Pneumatic nutrunner


EIT-472ABSF 1.0 - 7.0 275 180 12 33 3/8" Yes 0.69

3.0 - 12.0

550 215 13 33 3/8" Yes 1.3
EI-730 EIT-730ABSF

5.0 - 40.0

300 346 18 38 3/8" Yes 1.4
This reversible lever valve type model is equipped with an automatic, adjustable clutch. The motor shuts off at the preselected torque with a precision of +/- 3%!
The special non-lube oilfree model is fitted with a hardened cylinder bush and patented composite vanes that allow oilfree operation of the tool even in continuous use. Reverse the rotation by sliding the reverse/forward ring in clockwise/counterclockwise direction.
auto shutoff nutrunner
Easy Torque Adjustment
The torque can be adjusted as follows: Unscrew the torque ring in clockwise direction, move the sleeve towards the angle head housing to expose the internal, hexagonal torque adjusting ring.

Clutch scale

Torque Reference Scale
A scale of 0-10 is shown on the gear housing under the hexagonal torque ring and serves a a reference for the torque selection. 0 equals the lowest torque setting, 10 the highest.

Move the hexagonal torque adjusting ring to the left to increase the torque or to the left to decrease the torque. Once the desired setting is chosen, screw the torque ring sleeve back onto the housing.

torque rings
Colour Coding of multiple tools in operation
Choose one of the four different torque colour rings (green, yellow, red, blue) to identify various tools of the same type with the selected torque. Slide the torque colour ring over the housing and place into the torque indicator groove.

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