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Alkitronic Electric and Electronic Torque Wrenches

Features and Benefits Features and Benefits Plus versions

alkitronic Electric Torque Tools

  • Suitable for all international networks 100-253V / 45-66Hz, with consistent torque exactness!
  • Maintenance free and low in wear – brush-free synchronized motor with outstanding efficiency and low running costs.
  • Precise shut-off, processor controlled switch-off electronic with reduction of speed before reaching the shut-off torque.
  • Precise repeatibility of torques, repeatable accuracy for switch-off ± 3% for identical joints (even during voltage fluctuation).
  • Constant microcontrolled monitoring of speed and torque.
  • Intelligent motor protection with automatic temperature shut-off.

alkitronic "plus" Versions

  • Bolting method according to torque + angle

  • Custom-designed bolting programmes

Product range overview

Alkitronic EFC ECW
Pneumatic Nutrunner
Pneumatic radial torque wrenches
Pneumatic radial torque wrenches
The efficient standard series

alkitronic EFC & ECW

Mounting torque tools for torques from 35 up to 2300 Nm
Allweather tools (IP54 rated)

alkitronic EFCip / EFCip plus
Mounting torque
tools for torques from 60 up to 6500 Nm.
Allweather tools (IP54 rated)

alkitronic ECWip / ECWip plus

Torque tools in angled version for torques up to 6500 Nm.
Heat exchanger tools

alkitronic EFC-R (IP54) rated

Radial torque wrench ideal for work on heat exchangers

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